Life After Life, The Many Rebirths of the Soul


The subject of reincarnation tends to split people into 3 groups. The way, I suppose, any controversial topic would :-).                 reincarnation-1

On one side you have the believers, and on the other, the opposers. And somewhere in between, the middle ones who could go either this way or that, depending on what time of the weather it was, and who was present company.

Being a non-denominational spiritual healer, I think it’s anyone’s guess which side of the fence I sit on, although I prefer not to judge and I certainly understand from which line of defence the nay-sayers come.  It’s difficult to be a spiritual healer without acknowledging the immortality of the soul, since our work is essentially to bring the soul back to it’s original state of grace. It’s not really about healing the body, although that could be a starting point or even the end, or a bright happy coincidence along the way.

Funnily enough, reincarnation wasn’t actually my topic of choice for today, but it came as one of these daily prompt exercises on WordPress and that sort of inspired me to share some of the thoughts and learnings I’ve gleaned to my fellow bloggers and loyal blog followers.

Did you know, for instance, that once you pass on from one life, your soul actually sits in for a life review in front of enlightened beings, and you go through each and every single moment of your life with them, and discuss and understand the reasons and the results of every thought and action you had ever made. You then have a choice to come back to the world again, in another form or shape, if it was felt that that was crucial for your soul’s progress and learning.

I’ve also come to realise that many people’s unresolved conflicts in their current lives, often have past life origins. You may be able to trace your unexplainable fear of water to a drowning in a past life several hundred years ago . Your fear of closed spaces could be because you were buried alive in the ground by rival tribal factions. Many clients have been able to release themselves from these type of issues during past life hypnosis sessions, where the root cause of their issues comes to light. Sometimes awareness of the origins of all our problems and acknowledging them is all that is required to heal and move on in our lives.

timeWe also have soul contracts or agreements with each and every person that we meet or have come across in our entire lives! That’s right! No meeting is by chance. Every meeting that you have was pre-ordained, for your specific growth and enlightenment. This is of course, is aside from your inner circle of family and friends who have come back with us life after life to help our soul work through difficult spots, release the fears and find it’s way home. That thought in itself is kind of humbling you know? It kind of makes me look at everyone differently and understand them maybe just a wee bit more.

In parting, I guess I’d just like to say whilst all this debate about the validity of reincarnation continues to rage unabated, the real key learning to take away from it all is that at the end, what happened in the past  really doesn’t matter does it? In the grand scheme of things, it only serves as a guide post and a roadmap for the future. All that counts is where you are right now, and what you make of it from this step on. Namaste! 🙂

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About An Urban Mystic

Irene Lopez is an Energy Healing Practitioner based in Dubai. Her qualifications include Emotional Freedom Technique Master Practitioner and Reiki Grandmaster as well as certifications in Pranic Healing,Theta Healing. Angel Clairvoyance, Tarot Readings and Quantum Touch. She has had a lifelong interest in alternative, more effective approaches to healing the Mind-Body. " I believe that your thoughts truly make your world. I am passionate about helping people achieve their best life possible. To this end,I have started work on my blogspot through which I seek to inspire people to be the best they can be in all aspects of their life. When you stretch your arms out to receive, the Universe will shower you with more blessings than you ever dreamed possible! God bless."

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  1. Thank you for the information in your post. I am curious about the idea of sitting before a panel of enlightened beings after death and the notion of soul contracts. Are these ideas from any specific branch of thought or study (Tibetan Buddhism?)

    • Dear waggingmytale,
      There’s plenty of material on the net on both the subjects of Live Review as well as Soul Contracts if you’re interested in supplementing your knowledge there. In some references , there are parallels drawn between the experience of Life Review and what is called a ” Bardo” in Tibetan Buddhism, however I have also heard that this may not be an entirely correct comparison 🙂

  2. Love the idea of soul contracts… but I’m not so thrilled with the life review. I’m aware of the poor decisions I’ve made, I hang on to them, and they help me make better decisions going forward. But I don’t think I’d want to bring them all up again, and discuss why I made the poor decision in the first place. That bit seems rather daunting.

    • Dear djmatticus,
      People tend to make decisions based on what they feel is the best course of action at any given point in time, based on many varying personal factors. The Life review process respects this completely. On another note, Life Reviews exist on a completely different plane of existence altogether. It’s not like, for example, sitting in for a job interview or audition in front of a panel of people here on earth, which can be a really challenging experience for many :-). There are no judgements here and no punishments either, and neither is it a tedious, cumbersome process. In fact, everything that goes on resonates on the levels of pure love, understanding and immense compassion. It’s a bit like understanding what your negative drivers are, identifying needless fears and guilts, and how, going forward you can learn to operate from a much better and evolved space of unconditional love. It’s a positive and highly uplifting experience and you have a wise and evolved counsel to guide your throughout.
      I hope I’ve answered your question satisfactorily :-).

  3. Rebirths of the soul is an idea with which i have spent my life – being Hindu one can hardly believe that this may not be so. Never doubted it – ideas of soul contract are not part of it but gradually over the years I have built a strong belief in that too – even written a poem on it – panels discussing situations after death is kind of not really part of my Hindu tradition – but i like to believe that – my blog recently begun – on search for the soul – has a slightly different incline – its less about the knowledge of soul and reincarnation and more about what it is in the first place – thats what excites me more – many in the east believe that the soul is indeed a fragment of God and so we have divinity within and the purpose of life – for the ego is to sense it and access it – when you do you meet God or his fragment and are enlightened. Sorry i didnt mean the reply to sound like a lecture – my present research takes me one by one to the mystic saints of India – ive just arrived at the third- refreshingly different from the others – no bearded seer but a beautiful princess but she too sings the same song – looking for god within – that excites me more than just knowing that we (who?) are reborn and also who is this we that does. I am in synch with you also on the law of attraction – like attracts like in our lives. Im going to return and read a lot more later and i promise i wont send such a long reply again. thanks for your posts and your patience.

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