Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires, The Law of Attraction Part I


I was talking to my baby sister the other day, and at some point in the Law of Attractionconversation we “ascended” into the topic of the Law of Attraction.  Now, here’s the deal.  My “baby” sister is 27 years old and lives in another country, far far away on the distant horizons of the Arabian Sea.  She was really interested in the subject, and the challenge now is to coach her on the basics of the Law of Attraction from across the miles.  It’s a bit like distant learning. And whilst I’m coaching her, I may as well pass on the golden nuggets of wisdom to my fellow bloggers….. killing 2 birds with 1 stone 🙂

So here goes…

If I were to tell you that everything in your life right now, is a direct result of all of your previous thoughts and emotions would that surprise you? And, knowing that, if i were to tell you, simply by shifting your thoughts and emotions in even the smallest of ways you can achieve the life of your dreams, would you be willing to lend a ear and listen further?

The Law of Attraction will work whether you choose to believe it or not. Indeed, it works even if you have no knowlegde of it at all. It’s one of the many incredible Laws of the Universe, that’s as old as time itself, used by Kings and foot soldiers, monks and yogis, dancers and preachers, indeed, every type of person imaginable. A lot of the principles of the Law of Attraction were lost with the passage of time, but the Law is now enjoying a resurgence in popularity with the increasing interest that people have in living more authentic and happier lives.

One of the key things to remember with the Law of Attraction, is that the Universe functions on the premise of Like Attracts Like.  What and how you are, is what you will attract into your life.  If you are constantly unhappy and miserable, negative and ungrateful, you will continue to attract events which resonate and support your negative thought processes and emotions. Conversely, by constantly keeping yourself positive and joyous , you will attract situations that create happiness and positivity. Like attracts Like.

Next , there needs to be willingness to unlearn everything you’ve learnt before to make positive and vibrant changes in your life. When we say “unlearn”, it simply means a willingness to let go of outdated thoughts , beliefs and processes that no longer serve you. It’s similar to drinking from a cup of old coffee. Would you add new coffee to the left over coffee? No way! You would clean out the contents of the cup and then pour in new fresh coffee. You wouldn’t drink it otherwise. It’s important to clean out your existing thought processes, before you can work from a brand new and fresh perspective.

thoughts-become-thingsBelieve that you have the power to recreate your life and live the best life that you can live. It does not matter what has gone before and what goes on now. Your life from this moment on, is yours to change and you have within you incredible power to make your life the best you can be. All the opportunities are staring at you right in the face, only you are not aware of them. A willingness and desire  to change is what drives and fuels the creation of a life of your dreams.

Stay tuned, and we will explore more of the Law of Attraction in my upcoming blog posts. 🙂 .


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About An Urban Mystic

Irene Lopez is an Energy Healing Practitioner based in Dubai. Her qualifications include Emotional Freedom Technique Master Practitioner and Reiki Grandmaster as well as certifications in Pranic Healing,Theta Healing. Angel Clairvoyance, Tarot Readings and Quantum Touch. She has had a lifelong interest in alternative, more effective approaches to healing the Mind-Body. " I believe that your thoughts truly make your world. I am passionate about helping people achieve their best life possible. To this end,I have started work on my blogspot through which I seek to inspire people to be the best they can be in all aspects of their life. When you stretch your arms out to receive, the Universe will shower you with more blessings than you ever dreamed possible! God bless."

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  1. I enjoyed this post and agree; the Law of Attraction works like another kind of gravity only you are propelling things toward you or away from you by your thoughts and emotions.
    Sandra Taylor has a couple of books on the topic; notably Act to Attract and Quantum Success. These may help you to explain the idea to your sister.

  2. Okay, So I was wondering if you can help. I 100% believe in the law of attraction on a conscious level. But I have somewhere along the line picked up some pretty negative and limiting subconscious beliefs. I have recently found a block that stops me from attaining the things I most want to achieve in life. Being you have a lot of knowledge in the field of energy healing I wondered if there is something I can do to remove this block. I have tried affirmations. Visualizations of my goal. I am now learning meditation, seeking experiences in lucid dreaming and the Astral plane. This block seems to happen to me when I care most about the outcome. I want to empty that coffee cup so to speak, but at the last minute things seem to go wrong no matter how much I focus on the desired outcome. When I don’t care about the out come at all, I see the law of attraction working easily.

    • Dear nattietee,

      You’ve pretty much answered your own question :-). I’d like to take a moment to please requote your statements. Remember, your words are powerful and they, along with your thoughts, reflect how you view your life and the reality that you are creating for yourself.

      nattietee speak:
      “This block seems to happen to me when I care most about the outcome. I want to empty that coffee cup so to speak, but at the last minute things seem to go wrong no matter how much I focus on the desired outcome. When I don’t care about the out come at all, I see the law of attraction working easily.”

      Firstly, release the baggage of discordant beliefs. The Law of Attraction dwells in sunny, happy places full of expectancy of great things to come. Release the belief that things are going to go wrong if you care too much about the outcome. Release the belief that things will go wrong at the last minute. Even if it goes against the grain consider the fact that the law of attraction really does work. If you think things are going to go wrong, they will. Direct your energy to the positive aspects of what can go right instead of what can go wrong and keep your focus there. Do this everytime you revert to fear based thinking until it becomes a habit.

      Secondly, would you approach a meditation practice thinking about what the result end result is going to be?The whole idea of meditation is to release and let go.And so it is with the Law of Attraction. Focus on the object of your desire and have that in your mind’s eye. But do not “care”, or if I can correct you “worry” (because that’s what it really is), about how or if, or when it’s going to turn out. Worry is fear based thinking and stands in the way of absolute manifestation.

      Another tip. Ask yourself what your earliest memory of expecting something you wanted, and then things going wrong at the last minute , is. This memory could be the key to your block. You’ve clearly had some past experience which has created this belief in you and it could probably be your fundamental approach to everything in life not just manifestation.

      Hope this makes sense:-)

      • Thanks for your help I will certainly use this information. I do want to point out however up until the moment things go wrong I have a 100% belief consciously. The block is in my subconscious. changing it is proving to be a challenge because each out come seems to reinforce it. I am making a real effort to change my pattern of thinking. I can’t pip point an actual first time this happened and I only just recognized the pattern I’m making some real break-throughs spiritually so I’m sure I’ll get there. Thanks again for the help. xx

      • I understand nattietee. Consistent practice, examination and healing have given me good results with my own development and I’m sure they will for you too. Keeping my mind open and expectant of answers has led me to many an interesting insight and the opportunity to understand and work through many of my own blocks, conscious, sub-conscious or otherwise. Bringing the pain or trauma or block to the surface,or rather “remembering” it from a mind or body perspective, is really the first step to resolution. I’ll be writing more about it in my next topics.

        Good luck and blessings! And thankyou also for your comment and question 🙂

  3. This is a great article about “Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires, The Law of Attraction Part I” i blive on Law of Attraction and search last few day on it here i get many helpful infromation. I also book your blog fo get more information in future Thanks for sharing

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