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Breaking Down Barriers , The Law of Attraction Part III


I’m simply thrilled with the new followers that have recently joined An Urban Mystic’s Blog . It feels like I’ve made some more friends in the WordPress neighbourhood.  I took some time out to read as many posts as I could over the last 2 weeks, and I was quietly impressed by the amount of sheer talent and creativity buzzing around. A lot of pieces of were inspirational, some of them funny, a few heartwarming, and many were incredibly thought provoking. I saw some amazing cartoons and heard some fantastic music too. The written word is a powerful representation and I  enjoyed getting introduced to you through your beautiful offerings to the world. A very warm welcome to the Urban Mystic’s virtual home! 🙂

So, we took a short hiatus from the Law of Attraction because I (  as usual) was trying to pack as much as possible into a 24 hr day and I ( as usual) was running amok to try and get everything out on time. The dust seems to be settling..for now atleast. Coming back to the matter at hand, let’s take a look at Part III of the Law of Attraction series, and this week’s post is a biggie. We’re going to be exploring the things that stand in the way of being able to manifest the things that you really want in your life. Woo hoo!

A lot of people believe that the Law of Attraction is just simply airy fairy wishful thinking.  Not True. Like we talked about in Part I of the series, the Law of Attraction is as natural as the cycles and seasons of the earth. It works whether you choose to believe in it or not. It’s just there, and runs in the background regardless of even your awareness of it. Why then do some people not get what they’re looking for despite their very sincere attempts at manisfestation.

Here’s the thing. It’s important that your emotions and your feelings are ALIGNED with your thoughts. Now, when I say aligned, it simply means that the clear, specific goal that you’ve set for yourself should generate feelings of hope, happiness and excitement within you. If your goal in anyway does not make you feel this way, you pretty much have a block. And this block tends to stand in the middle between you and your goal, and the twain therefore do not meet.

Think about for instance your goal of manifesting $ 100,000. You’ve set this goal and made it as specific as possible. You’ve said ” I already have the $ 100,000 dollars I wanted. It feels good in my hands and I like the smell of these freshly printed banknotes. I can’t wait to spend it on the things I want. It has come through to me in the safest of ways. And I continue to receive abundantly.” Awesome! Fantastic! But what do you really FEEL about getting this money inside in your heart of hearts. You’re saying the words but are you feeling it?. Do you really thing it’s possible to get all that money just by willing it to happen?. Think about this very carefully now, because your answer holds the key to that door which stands in the way of you receiving immeasurable abundance.

Many people are brought up with the feeling that money has to be earned, and that there’s no such thing as “easy money”. A lot of people also have a common belief and feeling that money is  the root of all evil. With thoughts like this it’s next to impossible to flow into material abundance. It’s important to come to a place where you genuinely feel deserving of all the good things that are already there in your life and continue to flow inwards.  Without this, the Law of Attraction might not get you the results you are looking for. It will continue to work but it will attract to you what you really believe in, in your heart of hearts. If you keep repeating to yourself that you’re going to get the money in an attempt at manifestation but in your heart you’re really not resonating with this thought, it’s anybody’s guess what’s going to happen next.

So the “homework” for this week is to examine your thought processes and feelings moment to moment or as often as is possible and

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look for thoughts that are not in harmony with abundance. Anything that causes resistance or creates feelings of heaviness/sadness/depression/worry and so forth create discord in manifestation, and you need to work on eliminating them from your conscious and unconscious minds. When you think about a particular goal, and you start to feel the heaviness, clearly something is wrong and getting down and focusing on your heart and your breath will give some sense of direction as to what the cause for addressal really is. Remember to control the negative thoughts and stick to the process of immediately replacing negative thoughts with positive feelings and associations untill it becomes a habit. The Law of Attraction loves people who function from a joyous, grateful and optimistic perspective.

On that note, I take your leave for this week.

As always if there’s anything you want to talk about or comment on, I’m happy to hear from you. Blessings, Peace , Prosperity. Namaste 🙂

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Setting Your Goals , The Law of Attraction Part II


There’s nothing like hearing the deep, powerful, sensuous voice of a Rocker . It pulls you fast out of inertia, switches on all the sleepy electrical nerve endings in your brain(especially on a lazy weekend morning), and makes you wanna write till you drop. Today it’s Incubus – Black Heart Inertia and that’s gonna keep running in the background on loop untill I get my writing done 🙂 .

In last week’s post, we talked about some of the basics of the Law of Attraction and some key principles to using the Law effectively. Today, in Part II of the series, we will be looking at delving a little more deeply into the magical art of materialising all the things you’ve always been wanting to have. Plenty of good stuff on the way  🙂

Now then. Whenever you walk into a store with the aim of making a purchase, you know exactly what you’re looking for right?. You don’t draw a blank when the sale guy/girl asks you what you want. You definitely have a hazy idea of what you’re looking for at the very least.

Always Dream Big

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It’s like that with the Law of Attraction too. Are you clear about what you want or you unsure? There is no way you’re getting what you want, if you’re not clear about what it is you’re looking for to begin with. It’s a bit like when you say you need a car . That’s fine in itself as an objective, but what type of car – color, make, design, convertible.  You also say you need a man. That’s great too. But what type of man – caring , affectionate, best friend, romantic, black hair, sky blue eyes. You get the drift. The more specific you are , the better.  Rather than just saying “I need a new house”, go for something along the lines of “I need a 2 floor level house ,3 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, fully furnished, close to the city but within easy reach of the sea. It should be brand new, freshly painted walls, spatious and well lit. I should feel great when I walk into the house each and every time. Feels just like home”.

The interesting thing about the Law of Attraction is that for most people it’s not instantaneous manifestation. It takes a little bit of time to get the object in the rear view mirror. And that’s OK too. You have that time to tweak , think & modify in the meantime.  Also, it’s not the end of the world when you get what you want, and you’ve decided it needs some perfecting. Keep tweaking your thoughts until you’re more clear about your end result.  The most important thing in using the Law of Attraction effectively is having a very clear and specific objective of what you’re trying to achieve.

Also, let’s remember ! There is no limit to what you can achieve in the Universe or in this lifetime. Don’t be afraid to dream bigger and set higher goals than you’ve ever done before. The Universe is abundant and there is a limitless supply of everything you could ever want. The only limits that exist are those that are self imposed, the limits that you create for yourself.

So this week , let’s take some out to jot down what our specific goals for the manifestation process are .  Hold the thoughts in your mind, and stay tuned, because next week we’re going to look at fine tuning our manifestation process. W’e’ve only just begun! 🙂

Thank you Brandon Boyd.

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