Tarot in the 21st Century


Tarot picture for PostTarot Evolution

The Tarot originally started life as a pack of 78 playing cards back in Europe around the mid-15th century. From around the 18th century onwards, the Tarot increasingly started finding usage as a tool of divination amongst occultists and mystics. In it’s present state of evolution the Tarot has a lot of distinctive characteristics. Let’s take a look at what Tarot’s like in the 21st century!

Tarot is about informed guidance

In its current avatar, whilst Tarot still continues to be used as a form of divination, modern day Tarot readers prefer to see the Tarot as a tool of guidance first and foremost ahead of its fortune telling ability. You’ll find that a lot of modern Tarot readers prefer not to do predictive readings in the sense of “When will I meet Mr. Right?” or “When do you see me getting a job?”…etc. The modern day Tarot reader prefers to look into things such “What’s getting in the way of meeting Mr. Right?”, or “What are the things you need to do to increase your chances of getting this particular job?” for example. This subtle rewording has some very powerful effects which inturn transform the Tarot from a simple fortune telling tool to a map of empowered living. The concept of ethics is also slowly gaining foothold in Tarot readings. Ethical tarot readers do not dispense medical or legal advice for which there are plenty of qualified professionals otherwise available.

Tarot is not a scary instrument of impending doom

Tarot  is often times viewed as being mysterious, spooky and “evil” and continues to be misunderstood in many quarters even today. It’s interesting to note that everything in nature is embedded with a “light” and a “shadow” aspect and it’s really about which aspect you feed and honor in your life. Do you, for instance, speak your mind when you see that justice is not being done or do you go around judging everyone and assume an exaggerated moral superiority – both are light and shadow aspects of the same single quality. There is a tendency to misuse Tarot in some quarters and this is not unique to the world of Tarot. At the end of the day whether you are a reader or a querant, follow aspects that are of truth, kindness, justice, compassion and faith and you will always be on the right track.

Tarot is mobile, portable and downloadable.

The really good thing about Tarot in the 21st century is that it’s increasingly getting mobile and portable. You no longer need to visit a Tarot reader face-to-face to get a reading. The power of modern technology means that you can easily get a reading on the phone or on Skype or even via email. Distances don’t limit how effective a Tarot reading can be. Additionally the huge amount of resources on the net on Tarot means that a student has access to unlimited information to support his or her interest in learning this arcane and wonderful art. Student, Novice, Practitioner or Teacher, there’s something out there for everyone!

Throughout the coming weeks, I’m looking forward to sharing with you everything I know about the Tarot. I love hearing from you so feel free to drop comments, questions and feedback in the “Leave a comment section” below! Until the next episode of the weekly Tarot blog, have fun and stay safe!

© Irene Lopez 2014



About An Urban Mystic

Irene Lopez is an Energy Healing Practitioner based in Dubai. Her qualifications include Emotional Freedom Technique Master Practitioner and Reiki Grandmaster as well as certifications in Pranic Healing,Theta Healing. Angel Clairvoyance, Tarot Readings and Quantum Touch. She has had a lifelong interest in alternative, more effective approaches to healing the Mind-Body. " I believe that your thoughts truly make your world. I am passionate about helping people achieve their best life possible. To this end,I have started work on my blogspot https://urbanmysticblog.wordpress.com/ through which I seek to inspire people to be the best they can be in all aspects of their life. When you stretch your arms out to receive, the Universe will shower you with more blessings than you ever dreamed possible! God bless."

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