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The Ushering In Of A New Era – 21st December 2012


Mayan CalendarAt exactly 11:11 AM Universal Time today, the 21st of December 2012, the Winter Solstice brings with it the close of the 5,125 year Great Cycle of the Ancient Maya Long Calendar. Over the past few days, months and years, many have speculated the end of the World on this significant date, however, according to the experts, at no point in time, have the Maya indicated that the close of this millennia would be the physical end of the world as we know it. Far from it,  just like the seasons of nature which ebb and tide in natural cycles, we can expect that the end of one age would naturally be followed by the beginning of another great new age.

According the contemporary Mayans of Guatemala, the new age brings with it a change in the current socio-economic world order. More and more existing material structures will break down, cease to exist, or be transformed to make way for lifestyles which are more in collective harmony with the ideals of love, peace, authenticity, respect, and truth. As an individual you may have already seen these changes start to arise within yourself. Maybe you have been feeling lately a desire to free yourself from limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past.  A lot of  you have already started to feel, or are in the stage of feeling, dissatisfaction with much of the fear, greed, self-destruction, and violence that are present around you. Maybe you are seeking better relationships and a lifestyle that radiates authenticity , peace and calm. All of these are signs that your soul is in preparation for the coming of the new world order. If you start to feel sensitive to specific foods, situations, and people that do not resonate with your evolving self, do not despair! All things of the past breakaway and make way for the new. The coming years will put you in new situations and surroundings that resonate more deeply with your personal truth.                                                                                            Golden Christmas

I am excited about what’s in store for us a collective race in the coming millennia! On that note, of heightened expectancy of great things to come,  from my family to yours , I wish you all the best for a Brand New Coming of Age, and a happy and truly blessed Christmas.


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