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UrbanMysticBlog was designed with a purpose, to spark the flame of divinity which resides within each one of us.

Achieving your goals for 2014

Work on setting and achieving SMART goals.

Work on setting and achieving SMART goals.

Coming into the new year…it’s important to really focus on goals that didn’t materialise over the year gone by and understand what steps you can take to bring them into fruition over the next 11 months. It can even be a simple goal that you’d like to newly set for your personal progress in 2014. Goals should be SMART – i.e Specific, Measurable, Achievable,Relevant, and Time bound; and broken into baby steps to give you shorter achievable targets.

For example, as opposed to just thinking ” I need to lose weight,” think in terms of “I need to lose 2 kilos before February,” which is both specific, measurable and a more realistic target. Setting a goal of say 10 kilos by the end of the month is going way beyond what is a healthy or an achievable target which in turn sets you easily up for disappointment.

Also think about what things you can do to creatively to achieve your goals and work towards incorporating them into your life. For example, “How can I change my diet to achieve this goal and what type and how much physical activity should I incorporate to get my target weight loss?”. Closely examine your plans to see if tweaks need to be made to better prepare you for success. For instance, to achieve a goal of weight loss, I definitely need to take out or moderate processed foods, sugar,red meat, alcohol and oily foods; control my portions and achieve atleast a minimum of an 1 hours’ worth of exercise daily or atleast 5 days a week. I also need to drink atleast a minimum of 2-3 litres of water daily to assist fat loss as well as the natural detoxification process.

As you start to get comfortable in the path of steady progress it’s important to take stock of and modify your goals as needed. For instance, let’s say you’ve hit a weight loss plateau. Consider if you need to increase your level of exercise or honestly review your diet to see if there’s anything getting in the way of success. Remember, goals should also be realistic. So aim to be at a healthy body weight as opposed to being size zero for instance when your body in it’s most natural and healthy state is anything but.

It’s important to not berate yourself or put yourself down if you find yourself slipping on occasion. Pick yourself back up and get right back on track. Momentary lapses should never hold you back from achieving your larger goal. Like everything thing else in life, goals are easily achievable as long as you persist , stay focussed and work at it consistently.Good luck and do let me know how you’re getting on 🙂


Meet Pain and Pleasure, Your Biggest Motivators Part I/II


Meet Pain Your Biggest Motivator. Image credit

Meet Pain Your Biggest Motivator.
Image credit

Every action that you take in your life is governed by two words that begin with the letter P – Pain and Pleasure. Understanding the two Ps and how they work in your life is a key step to figuring out why you do the things that you do, and what you need to change to truly live the life of your dreams.

Why do so many people talk about changing their lives but do absolutely nothing about it? They talk about how stressed they are, they talk about how messed up their lives are, how they wish they could leave their job for something better, how they wish they could leave their abusive relationships. And yet at the end of the day, they do absolutely NOTHING. In fact they feel more upset and angry with themselves for being unable to take the first steps towards the life of their choosing and the life of their dreams. Could it be that they want to change the way they relate in the world without addressing the underlying reasons or causes for their behaviour? Is it possible then, that that could be the real issue that needs to change? Behaviour after all is symptomatic of a belief or emotion. It doesn’t exist in isolation.

Quite simply, you see the bright blue sky on yonder and know in your heart of hearts what you need to do to get there. But the thing that stops you is PAIN. The pain of trying and then failing. The pain of trying and then losing. Think about it. You’ve been in that abusive relationship for years, and you want better things for yourself. But in your heart of hearts you know that leaving might eventually cause you the pain of not having anyone in your life after this. What if you don’t get anyone? What if you have to live alone for the rest of your life? If that isn’t pain I don’t know what is.

Pain may not always be debilitating. In fact, pain sometimes can be your most powerful motivator. It happens when you decide that enough is enough. You are no longer going to take any more abuse. It’s that magical moment when you wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and realise that this can go on no longer and action starts NOW. Many people have been driven to overcome incredibly trying circumstances only because they reached that level of pain, where they realised that there was no other option but to change. Did you ever have that moment when you realised that you didn’t want to be the only one in your group of friends who couldn’t fit into that pretty dress or have a boy ask you out because you were really that fat. Wasn’t that the key moment in your life when you decided enough was enough?

More coming up in the next posts, stay tuned!

My Award Nominations

Award Nominations image credit

Award Nominations
image credit

I’ve been nominated for the following awards by my fellow bloggers in the wordpress community.

1)Liebster Blog Award by Miss Elaineous of as well as sparkyleegeek of and mirage231 of

2) First Cup Award by Naresh of

3) Versatile Blogger Award by Salvatore of as well as nattietee of

Thank you for the nomination my friends, and thank you for passing on the encouragement and the kind words 🙂

Since I’ve accumulated a few awards now , to simplify the process I’ve just followed the rules just for the one Liebster Blog Award which is given to new bloggers with less than 200 followers to recognise and promote them. The word ‘liebster’ is of German origin and means ‘beloved’ or ‘dearest’ . Each nominee in turn selects 11 other nominations to receive the awards. Read on to see the rules and also stay tuned to find out if you’ve been selected to be one of my chosen nominations! 🙂

The following are the rules of participation for the Liebster Award:

  • Post the Award on your blog
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you for this award and link them in your post.
  • Write 11 random facts about you.
  • Answer the 11 questions asked of you.
  • Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Recognize 11 other bloggers that you think deserve this award, and try to avoid nominating bloggers who already have a Liebster Award nomination. Notify them of your nomination and post your link.

Here are the 11 random facts about me:

  1. I’m a closet Mystic. I have a boring day time job in the meantime. My blog is as close as it gets to career satisfaction 🙂
  2. Good food brings a warm fuzzy feeling to my soul. It’s like having a blanket but it fills you inside too. Besides, I can do no work on an empty fuel tank. I like my regular 3-4 pit stops for grazing.
  3. I play music when I’m struggling with my blog writing. It’s my muse.  An aphrodisiac of sorts, but for writing.
  4. I cannot sleep in complete darkness . It always scares me. It’s getting better with time though.
  5. I was a vegetarian for a full year. I called it exploration.
  6. My secret fantasy( which is no longer a secret), is to shave off my hair and eyebrows and live in a Buddhist monastery for a year. And I get to keep the saffron robes as my souvenir.
  7. I worry at times I’ll run out of ideas for my blog. But I don’t think I’m alone in that, and that’s comforting.
  8. My favourite colors are purple , white and maroon and that’s mostly because people say I look pretty in them.
  9. I don’t think I’ll ever grow up.  And some day I’ll be 100% comfortable in my zone.
  10. My house is filled with so many books, I barely have space for myself. I’m in danger of being overthrown.
  11. I actually dislike talking about myself. 🙂

Here are my answers to the questions posted by Miss Elaineous:

Q1. Your favorite book:

Autobiography of a Yogi. I had seen this book many times before in book shops and never felt the urge to skim or purchase. It struck me as one of those books meant for yogis or fledgling mystics, going purely by the title. Let that be a lesson to literally never judge a book by it’s cover.  After stumbling across several raving reviews , my curiosity was piqued and I eventually picked up a copy to read. I was incredibly blown away by the contents. If you thought the life of an evolved yogi was dull , think again. It’s anything but.  Paramahansa Yogananda’s life story has magic, inspiration and love strewn across all it’s pages. Tis the stuff of candy-coated and multicoloured dreams.

Q2. The most memorable outing/expedition/trip/journey you’ve been to.

Chiang Mai in Thailand, last weekend. I got a blessing from a Buddhist monk, learnt how to cook Pad Thai, discovered the roots to my most deepest fears. My outlook on life has been turned 180 degrees on it’s head and I hope I never look back.

Q3. Your favorite place in the whole world.

I’m pretty partial to Thailand these days.

Q4. Would you rather undertake a journey by rail, car, air or sea and why?

I’ve travelled a lot by air and by car. Rail and/or Sea are next.

Q5. Tea or coffee?

Coffee hands down! 🙂 I love having a weekend morning cuppa at the local Indian joint called Saravana Bhavan. It’s a very special type of coffee called “filter coffee” unique to the Southern region of India. A perfect blend of sweetness and bitterness and packed with enough punch to kickstart sleepy nerve endings. I know there are a lot of Starbucks and Costa afficionados out there. No offence guys. Filter coffee holds pride of place in my heart. Nothing truly compares and to each his own.

Q6. Your favorite movie Or Three.

It’s tough picking one from so many of the great movies out there.

Q7. Cats or Dogs?

I once lived with an aunt who had a menagerie of cats, dogs, kittens, puppies and one squirrel. It’s like having a family with different personalities. It’s true that cats are not outwardly as affectionate as dogs are but they are incredibly fantastic listeners. And they listen with a certain detached poise and grace. But there’s nothing like dogs for loud , messy and exuberant loving.

Q8. Favorite superhero and why?

There was a cartoon that used to air on TV in the 80’s called Rainbow Brite featuring a little girl protagonist of the same name. According to the blurb , ” she is the main source of light and color of the planet earth, as it is her job to make everything beautiful”.  Pretty much sums it up I think.  I’m not sure if I’ve outgrown her now, but yeah it was magic for a while.

Q9. Favorite website.

When I find one I really like, I’ll post it on here for sure.

Q10. When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I didn’t know what I wanted to be, but I knew I wanted to change the world for the better. An Urban Mystic’s blog is one small step hopefully in the right direction.

Q11. If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

Anything that caused large scale destruction to innocent people and life on planet earth.

And finally( drum rolls please)! Here are a few blogs that  I’m nominating for the Leibster Award. Stay tuned as remaining 7 spots to be filled very soon 🙂



3 .


These are the questions for my nominees:

  1. How would you describe your blog (in 50 words or less).
  2. What inspires you to keep writing.
  3. If you were marooned on an island for 10 days and had a choice of 1 person to be with, who would you pick and why?
  4. Your favourite book.
  5. What do you think really makes the world go round.
  6. Your opinion of my blog 🙂 ( had to sneak that in)
  7. Your idea of a great date.
  8. Do you get stressed ever and how do you work it out.
  9. What are your thoughts on reincarnation.
  10. What do you think is your best quality.
  11. And what do you think we can do more of to make the world a more beautiful place.

 Good luck, congratulations and have fun!

The origins of An Urban Mystic’s Blog

The origins of An Urban Mystic’s Blog

Spirituality seems a concept so far removed from every day life that a lot of us wonder how we could even begin to reconcile the two. In between the dramas,noises and confusions of everyday existence, some quiet time to reflect on who and where we are on our personal path to greatness, seems so difficult to achieve. We think it’s something for which we need to make time for, or something that we could hope to catch a glimpse off on a yoga retreat in some far away land. Others believe, wrongly unfortunately, that it’s something so outright boring and dull, they wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near it.

On a surface level, we search for money, status, power and all the things we think we need to progress in the real world. But deep inside each one of us, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, we yearn for a deeper connection to the divine, that something greater outside of us. The siren call to the place we call our original home.

An Urban Mystic’s Blog was designed out of a mini-sized dream to make spirituality more accessible and relevant to the people who live in the real world and face real problems and undergo real situations. Not all of us can afford to go to the mountains and renounce the world in the hope of achieving enlightenment, but that doesn’t mean we cannot find our divinity where we are, in the here and the now. Most of the concepts that are featured within these pages have been broken down into small chewable bite sized portions , easy to read , easy to understand and most importantly easy to apply.

For the some of you who stumbled upon this website, one fey magical day, it will be the start of a wonderful journey. And for the others, it will be a pit-stop on the way to even greater things. Whatever it is, I do hope you find what you’re looking for.

May God bless you with endless love, light and happiness. And I hope you know, dear sweet child of God,  you are more loved that you could possibly know.