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Today’s Buddha Doodles , On Love


Today's Buddha Doodles , On Love


Cookie Monster on Living in the Moment


Cookie Monster on Living in the Moment

Me thinks Cookie Monster has got it all figured out…what do you think? 🙂

Introducing Buddha Doodles


The first time I saw a Buddha Doodle, it really touched my heart. There’s something so intrinsically feel- good about these whimsical illustrations created by the uber talented cartoonist Molly Hahn (aka Mollycules). Buddha Doodles already has quite a fan following, and I’m delighted to start including it as a regular feature on my blog. There’s always plenty of room for more sunshine here at An Urban Mystics’s Blog 🙂

Molly’s mission is to “shed light on the inherent wisdom and joy that is available to each and every one of us at any moment”. I’d say she’s doing a pretty darn good job. Read more about Molly and see more of her work at http://buddhadoodles.com/

Have fun!