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Website Launch www.irenelopez.me


???Super Super Excited to announce the launch of my new official site http://irenelopez.me/ !

It’s been a dream project of mine for quite some time now and I’m really excited to have this finally out now 🙂

The services on offer include Tarot readings, Energy Clearing Sessions, EFT Sessions as well as Life Coaching Sessions. As part of the launch Tarot readings are on 50% off all this month. Please check out http://irenelopez.me/tarot-readings/ for details!

Please also sign up to the Facebook page to avail of FREE One Card Mini Tarot Readings which will be out shortly. https://www.facebook.com/Success.irenelopez

When you subscribe to the site you will get the free Newsletter, Blog posts as well as updates on special offers and the free downloadable e-book ” Timeless Wealth Wisdom – 76 Wealth Secrets to get Rich.” Subscribe here : http://irenelopez.me/subscription-area/

The site is the realization of a personal goal of mine, and I would much appreciate if you would share the links with your friends and associates and support me in this new venture of mine!