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Do your beliefs help or hinder you?


Today we’re going to explore a little bit about something that is a very important part of our lives – Beliefs. Yup that’s right! Beliefs.

Our beliefs are the fundamental tools of our thinking process which when changed and modified appropriately help us to change our life patterns substantially. Have you ever thought to think about where our beliefs come from? Do we get them from our parents, our peers, our cultural/ religious or social values , perhaps they are self created, maybe all of these things,maybe none of them at all.

What’s important to realize is that the things that we hold on to as beliefs can either hold us back in life or propel us forward towards better things. For example, have you ever been raised with the belief that money is no good or that money is the root of all evil. Or maybe that rich people are not honest… Think about it…if you look at this belief, it is essentially stopping you from being more abundant financially than where you are now. Because neither do you want to be evil nor do you want to be bad.And you definitely don’t want to be a dishonest induvidual. Because you associate money with all of these things, you subconsciously block the flow of financial wealth into your life.

What if you were to look at this in a different way. Supposing you decide that maybe you would rather believe that money is easily and effortlessly available. Or that good people invite more abundance into their lives. Would you then experience a shift in perspective and therefore your outer reality?

So today I’d like to suggest that you take some time to think over some of the main beliefs that you have in your life and whether they are holding you back in life or propelling your forward to better things. Then consider, how you can reframe your beliefs to more positively impact your life! It is after all your beliefs that shape your world.


Breaking Down Barriers , The Law of Attraction Part III


I’m simply thrilled with the new followers that have recently joined An Urban Mystic’s Blog . It feels like I’ve made some more friends in the WordPress neighbourhood.  I took some time out to read as many posts as I could over the last 2 weeks, and I was quietly impressed by the amount of sheer talent and creativity buzzing around. A lot of pieces of were inspirational, some of them funny, a few heartwarming, and many were incredibly thought provoking. I saw some amazing cartoons and heard some fantastic music too. The written word is a powerful representation and I  enjoyed getting introduced to you through your beautiful offerings to the world. A very warm welcome to the Urban Mystic’s virtual home! 🙂

So, we took a short hiatus from the Law of Attraction because I (  as usual) was trying to pack as much as possible into a 24 hr day and I ( as usual) was running amok to try and get everything out on time. The dust seems to be settling..for now atleast. Coming back to the matter at hand, let’s take a look at Part III of the Law of Attraction series, and this week’s post is a biggie. We’re going to be exploring the things that stand in the way of being able to manifest the things that you really want in your life. Woo hoo!

A lot of people believe that the Law of Attraction is just simply airy fairy wishful thinking.  Not True. Like we talked about in Part I of the series, the Law of Attraction is as natural as the cycles and seasons of the earth. It works whether you choose to believe in it or not. It’s just there, and runs in the background regardless of even your awareness of it. Why then do some people not get what they’re looking for despite their very sincere attempts at manisfestation.

Here’s the thing. It’s important that your emotions and your feelings are ALIGNED with your thoughts. Now, when I say aligned, it simply means that the clear, specific goal that you’ve set for yourself should generate feelings of hope, happiness and excitement within you. If your goal in anyway does not make you feel this way, you pretty much have a block. And this block tends to stand in the middle between you and your goal, and the twain therefore do not meet.

Think about for instance your goal of manifesting $ 100,000. You’ve set this goal and made it as specific as possible. You’ve said ” I already have the $ 100,000 dollars I wanted. It feels good in my hands and I like the smell of these freshly printed banknotes. I can’t wait to spend it on the things I want. It has come through to me in the safest of ways. And I continue to receive abundantly.” Awesome! Fantastic! But what do you really FEEL about getting this money inside in your heart of hearts. You’re saying the words but are you feeling it?. Do you really thing it’s possible to get all that money just by willing it to happen?. Think about this very carefully now, because your answer holds the key to that door which stands in the way of you receiving immeasurable abundance.

Many people are brought up with the feeling that money has to be earned, and that there’s no such thing as “easy money”. A lot of people also have a common belief and feeling that money is  the root of all evil. With thoughts like this it’s next to impossible to flow into material abundance. It’s important to come to a place where you genuinely feel deserving of all the good things that are already there in your life and continue to flow inwards.  Without this, the Law of Attraction might not get you the results you are looking for. It will continue to work but it will attract to you what you really believe in, in your heart of hearts. If you keep repeating to yourself that you’re going to get the money in an attempt at manifestation but in your heart you’re really not resonating with this thought, it’s anybody’s guess what’s going to happen next.

So the “homework” for this week is to examine your thought processes and feelings moment to moment or as often as is possible and

Image Credit : theuppercervicalblog.blogspot.com

Image Credit : theuppercervicalblog.blogspot.com

look for thoughts that are not in harmony with abundance. Anything that causes resistance or creates feelings of heaviness/sadness/depression/worry and so forth create discord in manifestation, and you need to work on eliminating them from your conscious and unconscious minds. When you think about a particular goal, and you start to feel the heaviness, clearly something is wrong and getting down and focusing on your heart and your breath will give some sense of direction as to what the cause for addressal really is. Remember to control the negative thoughts and stick to the process of immediately replacing negative thoughts with positive feelings and associations untill it becomes a habit. The Law of Attraction loves people who function from a joyous, grateful and optimistic perspective.

On that note, I take your leave for this week.

As always if there’s anything you want to talk about or comment on, I’m happy to hear from you. Blessings, Peace , Prosperity. Namaste 🙂

© Irene Lopez  and An Urban Mystic’s Blog, 2013

Space Clearing – Declutter Your Life Now, Part I


Sometimes clearing the spaces that we inhabit, whether it is our home or our office, is all it takes to kickstart our life and give it some much needed energy and vitality. The places that we dwell in and what we make of them are reflective of who we are and how we live our lives.

Do you find that you are unable to move forward in your career despite trying as hard as you could. You despair that opportunities do not come to you easily. Maybe your relationships need work. Or you’re forever running over budget, and money just seems to walk out the same door it came walking in through. Your love life could do with a rehaul. Check that. Maybe your entire life could do with a rehaul.

Look closely at your home today for it holds vital clues to the state of your current existence. Making simple and effective changes to your living spaces in turn produces equally effective changes in your existence and how you move forward in your day to day living.

Decluttering Your Life

Does your home have piles and piles of clutter in the form of old mouldy papers, magazines and files you no longer need. Are there vast expanses of cds, books, clothes,stretching to as endless as the sea. Are you afraid to let them go. Maybe you’re a hoarder. You desperately cling to what was past and gone before. When you hold onto things in your living spaces which are old and have outrun their use, you broadcast a message out into the Universe saying you are not prepared to receive new opportunities. Simply because all the space that you have in your life is currently occupied by the past. You hesitate to let go and you do not trust the Universe to provide for you. This is especially true with the things that we keep “just in case”. Look closely into your home and your office. Go through it with a fine toothed comb. What are the things that you are clinging to. That old worn out t-shirt of sentimental value. The gift presented to you by your ex-boyfriend. Rows and rows of books which you hesitate to give away or throw away. Make a decision to dedicate one or several weekends to go through your home and your office. Cover every nook and cranny, whether it’s under the bed, the long forgotten corners, or under the stairways. Get rid of all the clutter that you no longer need. Emptying your life of  all your old, unwanted and unnecessary things, frees up your energy to receive new people and opportunities.

Keep Your life In Running Order

Stop for a moment to think about all the things that need work in your home. Are your faucets leaky. Are you door knobs in order. Maybe your equipment needs fixing. How about that broken light bulb. Did you ever get around to pulling the weeds from your garden like you’ve been meaning to. Make the time to tend to all the things that need fixing in your home as soon it is possible for you. Things that are long pending to be repaired in your home are reflective of the fact that you are not paying attention to things that need repairing in your life. Start to work on them today so that your thought processes whether consciously or otherwise no longer dwell on things that need to be repaired. Free up your to-do list this way, and you will find that your life starts to flow more smoothly in keeping with the orderly way your house now runs.

Clear And Energise Your Entrance

If all the most beautiful, properous, vital and happiest energies in the Universe decided one day to go prospecting some blessed souls today, would your house be one of their top picks. Think about it. How does the entrance to your home look. Does it look bright and inviting, clear and well lit. Or does it look unkempt, untidy, dull and blocked with things that should not have been there in the first place. If opportunities do not flow into your life as freely as you wish they would, take the time to also clear your entrance way. The entrance to your home should always be clean and well maintained and free from clutter. There should be enough lighting for it to be warm and welcoming. When you enter the hearth of your home the first thing that you see should be something that gladdens your heart. Whether it’s a picture or a painting or a beautiful almirah. When your home is beautifully kept and inviting, the Universe will not hesitate for a moment in gifting you with even more light and beauty.

Facelift With Positivity

The colors, images, and objects that you surround yourself with resonant deeply with the technicolor motion picture of your life. Surround yourself with positive images. Choose pictures of smiling, happy people, over sad dour-faced ones. Color your walls with uplifting colors in light warming or cooling shades. Avoid starkness, and extremely bright or dark colors. Your objects d’art should make you smile inwardly or outwardly when you see them. Ensure your homes are bright and well lit with appropriate lighting schemes. Stock your fridge with wholesome, natural produce. Invite natural beauty into the home with plants, flowers and pretty shrubs. Your life starts to look brighter and more positive with the increasing positivity of your home.

Love the Space You Are In

Do you feel an emotional connection with your home. Most people surprisingly don’t and this reflects in the disconnect they feel in their own lives. Learn to love and respect the home that you’ve made for yourself. Change the things about it that you do not like and fill it with more of the things that you do. The more you care for you dwelling spaces, the more you learn to appreciate and be grateful for the things that you already have in your life. An attitude of happiness and gratefulness in the things that you have now is the chief means to receiving even greater abundance and joy right now. Our lives are not in the future or what might be. They are here in this moment which is always and abdundantly full of infinite possibility.

Opening Up To Freshness And vitality

Bring freshness and vitality into your homes by regularly opening out the doors and windows. Allow natural light to lift the energy in your spaces. Spring clean and detox regularly. Maintaining our homes is equivalent to maintaining our lives. The energy and enthusiasm that we put into bringing fresh energy into our homes will eventually show up in the optimistic and happy changes that we are more easily able to make in our own lives.

Shifting the energies of our homes and offices pays rich dividends in the way the energy shifts in our lives. The more you follow these practices, the more you will start to see the changes in your life. And all of them will be positive and uplifting.

In Part II of this series, we will explore a Space Clearing Ceremony which you can perform to turbo-charge the energy in your home.

Untill then, God bless. Much love and happiness.

© Irene Lopez  and An Urban Mystic’s Blog, 2012.