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Life After Life, The Many Rebirths of the Soul


The subject of reincarnation tends to split people into 3 groups. The way, I suppose, any controversial topic would :-).                 reincarnation-1

On one side you have the believers, and on the other, the opposers. And somewhere in between, the middle ones who could go either this way or that, depending on what time of the weather it was, and who was present company.

Being a non-denominational spiritual healer, I think it’s anyone’s guess which side of the fence I sit on, although I prefer not to judge and I certainly understand from which line of defence the nay-sayers come.  It’s difficult to be a spiritual healer without acknowledging the immortality of the soul, since our work is essentially to bring the soul back to it’s original state of grace. It’s not really about healing the body, although that could be a starting point or even the end, or a bright happy coincidence along the way.

Funnily enough, reincarnation wasn’t actually my topic of choice for today, but it came as one of these daily prompt exercises on WordPress and that sort of inspired me to share some of the thoughts and learnings I’ve gleaned to my fellow bloggers and loyal blog followers.

Did you know, for instance, that once you pass on from one life, your soul actually sits in for a life review in front of enlightened beings, and you go through each and every single moment of your life with them, and discuss and understand the reasons and the results of every thought and action you had ever made. You then have a choice to come back to the world again, in another form or shape, if it was felt that that was crucial for your soul’s progress and learning.

I’ve also come to realise that many people’s unresolved conflicts in their current lives, often have past life origins. You may be able to trace your unexplainable fear of water to a drowning in a past life several hundred years ago . Your fear of closed spaces could be because you were buried alive in the ground by rival tribal factions. Many clients have been able to release themselves from these type of issues during past life hypnosis sessions, where the root cause of their issues comes to light. Sometimes awareness of the origins of all our problems and acknowledging them is all that is required to heal and move on in our lives.

timeWe also have soul contracts or agreements with each and every person that we meet or have come across in our entire lives! That’s right! No meeting is by chance. Every meeting that you have was pre-ordained, for your specific growth and enlightenment. This is of course, is aside from your inner circle of family and friends who have come back with us life after life to help our soul work through difficult spots, release the fears and find it’s way home. That thought in itself is kind of humbling you know? It kind of makes me look at everyone differently and understand them maybe just a wee bit more.

In parting, I guess I’d just like to say whilst all this debate about the validity of reincarnation continues to rage unabated, the real key learning to take away from it all is that at the end, what happened in the past  really doesn’t matter does it? In the grand scheme of things, it only serves as a guide post and a roadmap for the future. All that counts is where you are right now, and what you make of it from this step on. Namaste! 🙂

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Daily Prompt: Karma Charmeleon


Finding Your Joy


Do you drag yourself out of bed every morning to do yet another marathon of endless mindless, repetitive things that have become so routine, you find yourself stealing moments where you dream of far away lands or vastly better things.Is that all there is to it, you wonder. The truth is, life can be a joyous, fantastic and utterly incredible experience in every moment of your life.

And how is that possible, you ask? Read on, this blog is for you.

Lesson Nbr 1 : Find Your Passion 

We were all are brought into this world with a purpose in mind. When we know and identify this purpose, and align our lives to the achievement of this purpose, it is then that we really start to achieve satisfaction in our lives. What is that you like to do, or have always liked to do. Think about it. What makes you smile , what delights your heart, what makes you feel the happiest in the world. Do you like bringing a smile to other people’s faces ; you are a Joy-Maker!  Do you delight in caring for other souls and helping them through trying situations and struggles ; you are a Kind Humanitarian Soul. Do you love dressing up, wearing beautiful clothes and bringing your  talents into the spotlight; you are a STAR! Maybe you love the sensation of trying out recipes and putting together new and exciting food combinations; you are a Masterchef in the making! Whatever it is you are passionate about,identify, acknowledge and accept that now.

Lesson Nbr 2 : Live Your Passion

Once you’ve identified your passion, find ways to bring this passion of yours to life. Whether you are a single or married with children, you have the potential to reach the highest level in the aspects of life which are important to you. So make the time to plan and live out your dreams now.  If you’ve always wanted to run your own restaurant, start working out your budgets, talk to other people who’ve done it, try out recipes, map interior design in your head, look at tableware. Action is what brings your dreams to life and makes your life the best possible it can be. So make that move and start working on your passion right now.

Lesson Nbr 3 : Rediscover the Child In You

Life was always fun when we were children, we played often , made friends easily and collectively disowned the adult world with glee.  An acquaintance of mine once told me “At heart, we are ALL children, we just look like adults”.

There’s a child buried deep inside you, longing to come out and experience the freedom of joy and happiness. Let him or her out. Take the time to laugh, be silly and absurd. Find, make, and maintain friendships with good people, the kind who you can call at 03:00 am in the morning. When we have caring and supportive friends with whom we can be ourselves, we are able to find a space where we become more safe and secure in ourselves. Do the things that are new and different from your routine and what you are normally used to. If you’ve always taken one route to go work, try an alternative route. Children are spontaneous and flexible. Work on bringing more of these qualities into your life to create a state of positivity and expectancy. And try things that scare you. If you’ve been thinking about bunjee-jumping, but have always been a little fearful of it, why not do it now. Spend more time with happy people, children and small animals, and rediscover the little things in life that made you happy as a child.

Lesson Nbr 4: Change the Way You Look at Life

Examine your thoughts from day to day, and moment to moment. Are they joyous, filled with positivity and brimming with expectation. Or are they negative, whiny, and self-pitying. The way you look at life is reflected in the surroundings you find yourself in. The more happy, joyous and sunny you are, the more situations you will attract into your life that reflect the way you think and feel about yourself. Happiness is a choice , not something that happens to us. We choose to be happy. Every time you find yourself thinking a negative thought, replace it quickly with a positive one, until it becomes a habit and a way of life. It is a simple but basic Law of the Universe. “Like Attracts Like”. Radiate Love, and you will attract more of it. Radiate Joy, and you will attract more of the same into your life.

Lesson Nbr 5 : Be Good To Yourself

You are an incredible being of light and beauty. If you only knew how truly beautiful you are in the eyes of the One Who Made You, you would never look at yourself or your life the same way again. You may think you fall short in so many ways, you may think that your life could be that much better, and you may think that you are so far behind from being the best you can be. But be kind to yourself. You have done the best you could do within the knowledge and awareness that you had. It is never too late to change your path and put yourself on the road to personal greatness. You are bigger than all the foibles and failures that have gone before. Start to make the small changes in your life and slowly, but surely, even you can achieve the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

May God Bless You With Infinite Light and Happiness!