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Feelings ,Your Guidepost To Wholeness And Wellbeing


Our feelings are a very important part of who we are. They serve us in the same fashion as an internal barometer or guidepost to what makes us feel good and what does not. In understanding and acknowledging our feelings, we are better able to make informed decisions on the things that drive us , motivate us and make us who we really are.

Think backwards to a time when you last felt nervous. Do you remember the knots in your stomach and how your heartbeat started to increase just by finding yourself thinking about the situation that made you nervous. How about when you first saw someone and understood the sensation of “love at first sight”. There was that incredible endorphin rush , the feel good feeling in your stomach and the immense joy and happiness you felt in your heart. Was there ever a time you felt upset about something. Do you remember how that felt?

Our feelings in all of these situations are showing us and bringing us to an awareness of what makes us comfortable and what does not. Our body, in it’s infinite intelligence and wisdom, brings theses emotions to the surface in an effort to make us understand and address them . It is our body’s desire to keep us in a consistent state of balance and it can only do so by drawing our attention to imbalances in the best ways it can.  But symptomatic as it is of modern day living, many of us choose to suppress these feelings and emotions especially those which are considered negative in nature, like anger and jealousy for example, and in doing so, cause great distress to ourselves in the long term.

For instance, let’s just say someone said something to you today that made you feel really bad. You really felt the pain of sadness and rejection , especially since that someone was a really close friend. But like most people you start to rationalise. You think, I don’t care what she said. You think, So what?. You think, It doesn’t bother me what she says, I know who I am.  You try to bury your feelings. You don’t share how bad you felt with anyone you know because you don’t want anyone to know how weak you are, or maybe you just don’t want anyone else to worry about you. But by doing this, the pain does not go away. You simply internalise it. When you internalise it, you don’t express the hurt feelings. When you don’t express the hurt feelings, that little sensation registers in your body and creates a disruption in your field of energy. Once this little disruption is created, its creates a block in the way you perceive things. You will no longer feel the sensation of being completely safe, secure and loved in the world untill you deal with this little block you choose to deny.

The most important thing to remember to always maintain ourselves in the state of  grace is to express our feelings. If you feel sad, cry. If you feel angry , express your anger and find healthy ways to do so. You can shout your head off in the privacy of your room or you can punch your pillow. Have close friends that you can talk to and express your feelings to. Not only will you feel lighter because the feelings are being cleared, but also you will become more centred and aware. Listening to the perspectives shared by your friends also provides a fresh angle on any event and puts things in better light. If you’re not the talking kind, take part in physical activity. Yoga is particularly beneficial for bringing yourself back to balance. Buried emotions never really die. If you do not make the effort to express your feelings, you will go through life on automatic mode, never really experiencing or learning from the full range of emotions that we as humans are here to experience.

Explore and understand physical manifestations of discomfort. A lot of times you may not even be sure of what you feel. If this is the case, look to your body for guidance. Do you feel that tension in your chest. Close your eyes, and bring your awareness and attention to the area of tension. Breathe in and out deeply whilst you focus on it. Ask the area what is the source of this pain. When you do this you may get an image in your head or maybe a sound or a memory that resurfaces in your mind’s eye which points you in the direction of it’s origin. Whenever we do not feel good about something, this is our body’s way of signalling to us that something is wrong and we need to address it. So, pay more attention to your feelings. Something as simple as just being aware and paying attention to how you feel is  all it takes to dissipate the negativity.

Men have feelings too. And they run just as deep. It’s just that men have been socially conditioned not to show signs of weakness. They are taught mostly to always look strong and masculine. But this does not mean that they cannot explore their feelings. You just need to find ways , moments or places where you can review your feelings and feel safe to do so. Man or woman, we all want the same things.

Listen to Your Feelings. If something does not feel right, and does not seem like the right path for you, follow your instincts.  When you ignore your feelings consistently , over a period of time you start to lose track of your inner compass and you go through life mindlessly based on what you should or must do as opposed to what you really want to do.

Do more of the things that make you feel good. Just like feelings of discomfort guide us to what is wrong with our lives, feelings of joy guide is to what is right with our lives and what gladdens our hearts. Do more of the things that make you happy. Do more of the things that feel right. Spend more time with the people that make you feel good. The more you focus on happiness and positivity , the more will such feelings expand, and the more you can continue to expect more of the good things in your life. The Universe says what you feel you will attract. If that’s the case, would you not try to find your bliss today.